Thursday, April 18, 2013

Album Review: Dawes - Stories Don't End


Not every band has the ability to emulate a previous group or artist from an earlier time period and bring the sound back to the main stage. This very feat is one that many bands attempt time and time again, but they usually end up having difficulty including their own sound and creating a hybrid. In their latest album, Dawes has been able to accomplish this feat, and then some.

It's not every week where an album comes out and solely focuses on that of storytelling, which can really bring out the best of the listener. Even the songs that are recommended to potentially listen to and walk away from can be gripping songs. At the same time, with my sense of impulsive behavior of moving on quickly to other music, these songs do not seem to be the ones you can hold on to and listen to over and over again. The rest, however, are.

Dawes represents a reflection of the dynamics within a modern telling of what has already been. To start off, "Just Beneath the Surface" seems like a reminder or recollection of what is important in life. The continuous snare drum snap gives a pounding sound that reminds you about the constant running in life. Yet, at the same time, its approach is calm and collected.

Other than this recommendation alone, if you're a new Dawes listener, I feel it is necessary to listen to their previous albums (Nothing is Wrong - 2011, and North Hills - 2009). It gives you a new appreciation of a band's evolution and ultimately aging attitude. Their sound is more solid in Stories Don't End, and it speaks to people who might have similar questions that are asked in the lyrics of each song. "From a Window Seat" is a reflective performance on the idea that we create based off of what we know or ourselves alone. The title itself takes a perspective of traveling, whereas the "hero" mentioned in the lyrics needs to find himself at the same time.

Overall, each story gives a pinnacle movement to a sound that can speak to the people of our generation. It resembles the language we speak in this day and age, while at the same time recognizing that we must take from previous sounds in order to mold and re-create. This album is definitely a great buy!

I look forward to see where the direction this band goes after this album.

Other song recommendations on the album:
Bear Witness, Stories Don't End, From the Right Angle
Side Effects, Someone Will

Songs to listen to but potentially walk away from:
Hey Lover, Just My Luck